3-section multi-purpose ladders

Working height from 7,70m to 12,20m
Multifunctional, stable ladders to use as step-extension, extension or freestanding ladders with an extension of third element. The only on the market with additional hooks so you can set it on the stairs.

Angle of recline: 65"-75"
Max load capability: 150kg

  • modern fittings of galvanized steel with a thickness of 5mm surrounding rails
  • thick weatherproof belts
  • wheels for easier sliding ladder on elevation
  • stringers of extruded aluminum profiles
  • 16-fold braced rungs on rails (permanent connection)
  • galvanized steel hooks around the rungs to facilitate elements sliding
  • rungs of dimensions 30mm x 30mm profiled from every side
  • non-slippery feet
  • wide stabilizer with two-component feet

Corresponds to the European standard PL- EN131

Widths of ladders: 35cm, 42cm , 50cm

Surface finish:
natural aluminum silver
anodized aluminum black