Working height: from 2.00m to 3.00m

Multifunctional, stable work platforms for semi-professional use. Very light but extremely durable. Scaffolds made of pressed profiles, which significantly affects their stability and safety during work.

A multifunctional product targeted at home users, construction and installation companies.

External surface:
natural aluminum silver

  • ideal for renovation, construction or finishing works
  • when folded, it takes up very little space (it can easily fit into the car )
  • equipped with non-slip feet and a wide stabilizer (100cm)
  • thicker side profiles than in the standard
  • profiled rungs on each side
  • adjusting the platform every 25cm in a quick way without the use of tools
  • large wooden platform with dimensions of 50X140cm
  • wheels make it easier to move the scaffolding
  • stężenia aluminiowe skośne i poziome w zestawie
  • non-slip feet at the ends of the profiles
  • edges of profiles covered with plastic plugs
  • all the highest quality components (screws, rivets, etc.)
  • load capacity 150kg